Meeting Peter Wawerzinek reminds me of my childhood, which could not have been different from his, but immediately I am traveling in time. My parents used to have people over and some of them I was so intrigued by. I remember back then meeting a man that struck me for the first time as a personality and an artist. He was different than the other adults. When he would speak, it was like listening to him thinking. His thoughts come straight out of his brain and into his mouth. And back then I realized what a true personality is and the notion of being an artist. This man was more profound in his thinking and expression than anybody else before that I had met at the age of 8. Déjà vu, when we walk into the sunny apt of Peter W. The same alive eyes and I am confronted with a member of my parents generation, he is from the East , I am from the West. He just wrote a book about his childhood and while I sit here a spoiled, well protected child, and he starts telling me, how he grew up an orphan struggling throughout with adoptions, homes, a child on his own , growing up way too fast. I still have not grown up and out of the sudden , when listening to his beautiful storytelling of his past, I start identifying with him despite all the differences. Out of him flows a stream of stories from the past and from the east, but in the same time , through his was of telling the story, we land in the now and here, in Berlin and I see a writer in front of me, who lives his writing. Enjoys it suffers it and simply lives it.

He tells me, of course he writes autobiographical stories because there is a universe in him, which he can keep on writing down. This is what I as a filmmaker can relate to. The need , the desire and almost the addiction to tell stories, that flow out of you whether you want it or not. Whether you have to suffer through them or float with them on an adrenalin high. You must, must tell these stories and they are you.

Peter Wawerzinek, Music the world should hear [DE]
Apartment, Berlin, DE

People like Peter W. have always inspired me and it is thrilling to meet complex personalities, who are able to communicate their complex inner world in a way, that is true pleasure, because it is passion which drives him.

After the visit I am so inspired and feel like sitting down at my table immediately and write one of the stories, which are building up inside me everyday.

Jette Miller

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