This was the first of 2 cartoons I created for an online content creation company called ADAsport. At the time, the company was structured as a competition, and this cartoon won the Season 3 grand prize for my team.

I submitted a handful of ideas for a short, and they selected the one in which a skunk can't get a date on Noah's Ark. After that, I had free reign to write and animate the cartoon myself. ADAsport matched me with a composer who provided a very nice score on a tiny budget in very little time. I tried out assistant animators for the first time, who animated the animals you see on the dance floor in the opening pan, as well as one or two visual effects.

"Love Stinks" was created in about a six week period. As of February 2012, it has over 5,000 views on youtube.

My involvement: Writer, Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Background Artist.

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