There was no ill intention while filming this video. We made it specifically to give the public an eye of the devastation that many people werent able to see and that no one else would document.

We did get permission from the sheriff on duty and from the flood hotline to go in and film however the state is now trying to charge us with a class c felony for criminal trespass so i would urge others not to go into the waters or to do anything like this. This video is an edited version since the police made me remove some of the video.

Me and my Dad respectfully and slowly canoed through a neighborhood in south Bismarck that has been affected by the flooding on the Missouri River. None of this water is supposed to be there. Originally this would be roads and yards for all of the homes we pass by. The devastation that these people are suffering is unimaginable. Some of the footage was pretty shaky because canoes arent very steady in water, especially when its being rowed. One home that was not sandbagged was especially dramatic and helped to get the emotional devastation across but had to be cut from the film due to censorship.

If there is anyone who is being affected by this flood in Bismarck or any of the surrounding areas and would like documentation of your home or the damage being done to your home, please contact me.

Boat guided by Ric Sprynczynatyk.
Filmed on Canon 60D.
Music from the American Beauty Soundtrack.

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