2011-06-13 1st journal, Mayan day 6 Night or House

♥ Read along with the transcript, here - scribd.com/doc/57773569

Hello. I opened the webcam app, then closed it. With the body feeling so heavy, I don’t know what I have to share. Maybe I’ll start out this way - in writing - to see what comes.

Some mornings you awaken in joy and gladness or empathy - others in heaviness and weight - as if the burden of the world somehow rested in or on your body. Go figure. Interesting times that we live in. There’s another eclipse happening in 2 days - June 15th. Maybe it casts its shadow out ahead of it. I don’t know.

Anyway, variable states are just a part of being here in 3D, of wearing these bodies. Everything, including internal state, comes and goes. Thank God for heart - for the permanence of that. It’s our safe harbor in whatever storm brewed up in the world. We always have that as our anchor - the Kingdom of Heart.

Sometimes it seems far away, I know. Life is like that. Best to remember it’s only a seeming and just move on. One foot in front of another - that’s all that’s required. It’s only natural that our deep soul weariness would sometimes surface. We, as Light Beings, have been at this a very long time - and under tremendous duress.

The burden of The Matrix - well, it’s tiring. Sometimes it seems like it’s always winning, and we’re not. Once again, though, that’s just a seeming. When you place that next footstep, you’ve won. Get knocked down 100 times, it doesn’t matter - get up 101 and you’ve won. It helps, too, to recollect that time just isn’t what we’ve been trained to believe. It’s not the weight, the limit, the burden we’ve been taught...

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