I've always looked back fondly on the 1980s Atari game Warlord. This gave me some inspiration when in June 2010 I was deciding what type of game aardwearing software limited (my company) should build for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

I started with the Multiplayer Mode and was keen to provide many different styles (graphics and sound). However it felt like there was no reason to have the style switching in the game.

In December 2010, I devised a story based on a planet full of aardvarks, that explained the variety of styles. This became the basis of the single player Campaign Mode. The first version of aaSiege doesn't include all the story (later sections will be added in subsequent levels).

All the sounds are either royalty free or created by me (mostly using iPhone 4 Voice Memo app then imported via iTunes and edited in Audacity on a Mac (note Audacity is also available for Windows PC).

All the game graphics are my own work and were mostly created using Photoshop on a Mac.

The company website aardwearing-software.com that the game links to, was created using iWeb on a Mac.

The video itself was recorded on a digital stills camera (Samsung i8), imported to the Mac and the video was assembled, edited and exported directly to YouTube, MobileMe etc using iMovie.

You can find more about the app itself in iTunes App Store at itunes.com/apps/aaSiege1 or by reading the press release at aardwearing-software.com/aaSiege/Press_files/aaSiege1_0PressReleasev04.pdf

By the way, in case you're wondering about the user name aarthur, aarthur the armoured aardvark is the company logo/pet (delete as appropriate).

Incidentally, we welcome any constructive feedback on the video, the game and the website. Thanks!

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