© 1998 Douglas Hudson

This is a very simple film I made back in 1998. It was based on my childhood notion that tornados were actually UFO's exacting some kind of vengeance upon humans.

Needless to say, growing up in Kansas offered a lot of fodder for this belief!

*This was shot using the old VAS 3/4" video down-shooter set up at Cal Arts.

*For the soundtrack, I ran a cable line out from my stereo directly into the down-shooter. So everytime I shot 2 frames of animation, it would also capture 2 frames of audio from whatever I was listening to.
If memory serves, I was listening to the Chill Out album by The KLF.


I liked the chopped up effect it gave the soundtrack and it seemed fitting for a tornado film. This is punk rock, not Bach afterall!

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