a tv Tribute to Jacno (*)
by RootCat
dedicated to Elli Medeiros

images: rectangle tv
music: L'âge Atomique : Suite Et Fin
(fin de facto: 1'11")
from the Elli et Jacno Lp "Tout Va Sauter".
Some rights reserved (all of this and even less)
© copyright control 2011


Born as Denis Quillard, Jacno (1957-2009) was in 1976 the founding member of one of the first French punk band: "Stinky Toys". Early 80's, after the band split, he set up with Elli Medeiros the pop duo "Elli et Jacno"(Elli was an other founding member of Stinky Toys — as lead singer.)
One of their most signifiant success was the music of "Les nuits de la Pleine Lune" a classified 'cult' movie from the French director Eric Rohmer. In parallel to their duet, Elli Medeiros and Jacno had released number of solo music pieces, singles and albums.

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