On Saturday June 11, 2011, evicted farmers from the South Central Farm (SCF) in Los Angeles, CA, led by spokesperson, Tezozomoc, and joined by community activists and actress Daryl Hannah, marked the 5th anniversary of the demolition of the Farm and renewed their promise to restore the land for family food production: “Aqui estamos y no nos vamos.”

The SCF was the largest urban farm in the United States, occupying 14-acres right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. For 14 years, over 350 families had cultivated this farm, feeding thousands in their community local, organic food. In 2006, the land was sold by the City to a developer in a closed-door meeting and the Farmers, facing eviction, initiated a tree-sitting vigil. They were soon joined by actors Daryl Hannah, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Smart, Martin Sheen, Danny Glover and Laura Dern with additional support from musicians such as Willie Nelson, Tom Morello, Joan Baez, Ben Harper and many other creative talents and politicians. Hannah and Quigley were both arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department when the Famers were inevitably evicted. These events were captured in the award-winning film, SAVE THE FARM.

The land currently remains and empty lot.

Daryl Hannah and Tezozomoc talk about their hopes for the future of the vacant land during the recent 5 year commemoration event.

The South Central Farmers appeal to the community and the media: southcentralfarmers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=509&Itemid=91

Details about 5 year anniversary event: cinemalibrestudio.com/clsblog/2011/06/09/1553/

More information available at savethefarmmovie.com as well as additional clips from the film at vimeo.com/album/1602814

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