I would like to introduce to you the latest quality product from the Swiss company Tonwerk, our T-LINE eco2. If you are already familiar with the handmade, international award winning Tonwerk storage heating stoves, you will know why experts are calling these the genuine "heating miracles from Switzerland".

A genuine storage heating stove is tested under the stringent standard DIN EN 15250 for slow heat release appliances. Most of the competitor products though are designated flue stoves with integrated storage. These are tested solely under the standard EN 13240 for roomheaters, or slow burning stoves that must be
brought up to temperature and constantly refuelled -- in stark contrast to the properties of a genuine storage heating stove. By definition, a slow burning stove is not a storage heating stove! Thanks to topdown combustion and a heavy duty ceramic core the Tonwerk storage heating stove is fired with a full load of wood and so brings to bear its full range of strengths. And you don't have to keep on refuelling. The ultra innovative technology behind Tonwerk storage heating stoves ensures they emit the minimum of contaminants and fine dust. The intelligent eco2 module converts your storage heating stove into a heat source that will fulfil the demands of the future as well. Also, the PLUS module lets you distribute the heat everywhere in your home. Heating your home cannot be more economical,
more convenient, or more healthy. And thanks to the attractive Tonwerk cast stone surfaces you can enjoy pure, healthy radiated heat, exactly as it is ensured by the new Tonwerk storage heating stove T-LINE eco2. So why not come and try it out for yourself?

Do you want to know more about storage heating stoves,
radiated heat, and our innovative heating principle? Visit our web site or a specialised Tonwerk dealer.

Tonwerk Lausen AG
Hauptstrasse 74
4415 Lausen, Schweiz
Telefon 0041-619279555
Telefax 0041-619279558

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