A fast hand-held camera and a tricky matchmove have been made easier to work with using camera projections in Maya.

My goal for the matchmove tasks on the independent film pitch was to deliver a well-tracked CG camera along with some proxy geometry for the set. These assets are very useful further upstream in the VFX pipeline, allowing for interesting compositing solutions.

The CG camera for this shot began in PFTrack and was finished off in Maya. Individual frames from the plate footage were cleaned up in Photoshop and used with camera projections in Maya. For this test video I rendered out a 2D motion vector pass from Maya and applied motion blur to the shot using Nuke's VectorBlur node.

Using camera projections for this shot has a few benefits:

- Slight misalignments between any CG elements and the plate for this tricky matchmove is no longer an issue since both the scene geometry and CG elements will be re-photographed by the same camera in Maya

- Since everything is being rendered from the same camera, all elements will automatically have matching motion blur

- Rotoscoping through heavy motion blur is no longer required to composite the CG elements into this fast hand-held camera move

- Painting out the red LED tracking markers and cleaning up the plate is very simple, essentially painting on a single frame from the original footage

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