This is my parody of the Cee Lo Green song "Forget You". This IS the explicit version, so the "F bomb" is dropped multiple times in the song. If you are easily offended, turn that sh*t off! If not, enjoy! I worked really hard on this video, probably harder than I should have.

As you all know, I am quite notorious at SHS for my bunnies... So, now I present to you a preview of a video I'm working on as a parody to Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" video, it's, of course, in the style of animated storyboard. It's really good, and I like it. Therefore, you should go out and buy this track. Really. You should.

This video is dedicated to all the people out there who have been dumped by a girl/guy and then a friend starts hitting on them... Revenge is sweet, as our bunny friend shows us in this video.

Images drawn and altered by me, but the song is owned by Cee Lo Green and "the man" that owns him.

It should also be noted that this video IS protected under the fair use law in the United States, because it IS a parody. I am NOT making any money off of this video, nor am I claiming that the song is mine. I credit Cee Lo and the man that owns him, and this is NOT a direct copy from someone's YouTube page, like you see ALL OVER THE PLACE, but they block MY VIDEO instead of THOSE VIDEOS... Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?

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