Parallel World

This is a story of a young girl, Emma, wandering through the nothingness of a superficial world. Her eyes witness the dark side of a modern society. Wild streets at night appear to be too much drama for the young girl. As she passes the street with while pulling a little toy pony behind her, she spots an old, homeless man living on the dirty street and a drunken woman.

Losing her balance, a disoriented woman accidentally stamps on the wooden pony, immediately breaking it into a thousand tiny pieces. This is a heartbreaking moment for Emma when she sees her pony underneath the high-heeled female shoe. She can`t get over it and weeps while sitting on the stairs.

Suddenly, a bright butterfly appears around her. Emma takes a look and curiously follows the butterfly. It guides her to an old, bizarre-looking door. Although initially afraid, she follows the butterfly and then disappears into a dark hole. After a long fall, Emma lands in a completely different place. Everything is so peaceful and wonderful. This place looks magic. Suddenly, she finds her pony near her- all good and new. She is happy again.

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