Online premiere, exclusively at this page. A UK Film Council / B3 Media commissioned short film. Please Facebook and tweet the film to share the love if you like it! :)

Writer/Director Mustapha Kseibati:,
Producer Michael Berliner:,

'Big Tingz' follows the journey of two friends, Nathan and Mo, who are desperate to be part of the local crew and become “gangsters”. Seemingly throwing these two losers a bone, the local gang master, Sukhi, sets them a task to prove themselves – to enter the lion’s den of local recluse, Kevin, and steal his stash of weed.

Little do the boys know, Kevin is an Iraq war veteran with a fetish for all things shiny, and owns a hell bound Rottweiler called Haydeez. Things go from bad to worse as Nathan and Mo try to take what they can and escape with their lives and “reputation” intact.

'Big Tingz' premiered at Bristol’s Encounters Short Film Festival in 2009. It then went on to be screened at the London Short Film Festival 2010 - as part of the UK Film Council's Digital Generation 'Best of Shorts' selection. The film was also selected as one of ten shorts showcased on the UK Film Council's 2009 'Life is Short' talent DVD.

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