my hubby and i spent a couple months and just over 40 hours in-between full time jobs, lovingly shooting thousands of photos to create this stop motion film based on periods of our dating life. the 2000 days represents the roughly 5.5 years we dated before our wedding. one of our favorite movies is 500 days of summer so we knew we had to adapt our love story to this film! we had a blast researching and finding some of the exact scenes from the movie. we poured lots of love into this film and it means so much to us. enjoy =)

we packaged our little dvd into a recycled invite case:

i have since started my own little photography business =) /

fun info - watch the video first! =)
- we snuck into the building in the very first scene just as a tenant walked out and used a construction cone to prop the door open for retakes. this is the same building where they shot Tom (Joseph Gordan Levitt)'s apartment in the movie
- it took 50+ takes to get the water fountain shooting up just right and one tireless hubby that had to walk back and forth while i got to stand in place behind the camera.
- we shot a few scenes in ikea though ended up scrapping it because it didn't fit into the limited song time frame. do you know how fun it is to run around like children pretending you live in an ikea bedroom? try it!
- the coffee shop scene was shot in Canters, a diner on Fairfax/Beverly, and open since 1931. if you're in Los Angeles, it's a great place to check out. you might even run into a few famous people. I've seen the whole dandy warhols band grabbing food after a show and said hello to "the mayor of sunset strip", rodney bingenheimer. the actual coffeeshop in the movie was created in the lobby of a vacant building.
- the intro title and scrolling numbers were all chalk drawn with stencils on a blackboard and timed to look as if they were scrolling as if in the real film.

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