“Sometimes the world is quieter than you think. It's just your mind that's making all the noise.”


Film Festival Selections:
- Albuquerque Film Festival 2011
- Louisville's International Festival of Film 2011
- Dixie Film Festival 2011
- Bootleg Film Festival 2012

LOGLINE: Thrown into a fragment of Kevin Hatchet’s life (a CCTV operator) we follow him as he plunges into a surrealistic spiral of obsession and paranoia and finally commits a murder he will forever regret.

GENRES: Psychological thriller, neo-noir

MAIN CAST: Jan Brink, Nieke Lombard, Caval Goodyear, Jaco van der Merwe
MUSIC: Jack R. Benson
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Christopher Kent Meunier
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: André van Tonder, Dirk-Hannes Van Den Berg, Jacques de Lange
FUNDING: The International Performing Arts Trust Institute (Primarily)

Shot in the Free State, South Africa on a Canon 550D (Canon 50mm F1.4, Tamron Adaptal II 28mm F2.5, Stock Lens). Magic Lantern was used for many of the additional scenes. Sound on a Juicedlink DT454 with a Shure PG81. DIY Dolly, DIY Steadicam, and many other guerrilla filmmaking methods.

TEASER TRAILER: vimeo.com/18991910
MAKING OF: vimeo.com/23902359

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