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Morella is a short film based on Edgar Allen Poe's novel of the same name.

In the original novella, an unnamed narrator marries Morella, a woman with great scholarly knowledge dealing with the question of identity. Realising her physical deterioration, her husband, the narrator, becomes frightened and wishes for his wife's death and eternal peace. Eventually, Morella dies in childbirth.

As the daughter gets older the narrator notices she bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother. By her tenth birthday the resemblance to Morella is frightening. Her father decides to have her baptized to release any evil from her, but this event brings the mother's soul back into her daughter. At the ceremony, the priest asks the daughter's name, to which the narrator replies, "Morella."

(Adapted from Wikipedia)

The film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the UK, a full version of the film will be available online soon.

Filmed on Location in Deptford and London Bridge, London.

Filmed in HDV on Canon XHA1 using RedRock cineadaptor and Nikon prime/zoom lenses.

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