This is one part of my Final Year university project at DMU (Media Production Bsc)

Where the aim of this was to create a documentary and make it interactive, showing that the viewer could remember more information about an specific subject.

As an example, I around September 2010 I visited the island of Ibiza in Spain where I interviewed several residents of the island including my grandmother about what it really is like to live in ibiza.

As the general pubic know the island to be a place of party,sex,music and drugs.

During this short documentary you will see what the island is really about and what it offers.

It is made to simply see the life of the residents of the island through their eyes.

Hope you Enjoy it.

Stephan Knight Pamart

Thanks to:

Mark Sawbridge
John Jackson (Narrator)
Carmen Cano (Owner of San Telmo aka My Grandmother)
All those who took part in the interviews

The Island of Ibiza

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