Image explaining some concepts:

UPDATE 30-Dec-08:

UV/Image Editor workflow:

Multiple consecutive Splits:

Small layout panels:
UPDATE 01-Mar-09:

Enhanced Redo Menu:

Two Keys Sculpting:

Multiple Toolbars in a Row:

RNA Profiles (everything presettable):

About RNA Profiles: the modifications to the RNA don't need to be directly on the RNA window, they are done from everywhere in the whole Blender UI, and get recorded in the RNA Profiles.
UPDATE 06-Mar-09:

Joining Areas:
UPDATE 11-Mar-09:

Groups Manager (layers management included):

UPDATE 14-Mar-09:

Simplified Side Toolbars:

UPDATE 16-Mar-09:

Groups highlighting and assignment:

UPDATE 01-Apr-09:

Number-widget without arrows:

UPDATE 06-Apr-09:

Alpha Background on maximized areas:

Simplified Screen toggle:

Discussion thread:

Goals of this proposal

- Having most tools just one click away.
- Save space eliminating redundancies in actual UI.
- Make the UI more graphical (maintaining hotkeys), reducing text to the minimum. Tooltips explain what each icon does, in the same way as the actual Buttons Window header works.
- Make the windows management more flexible.
- Favoring Drag&Drop workflow.

Some Benefits:
- Reduced number of duplicated options/menus, gaining space and less cluttered interface.
- Only one place to choose window types for any window.
- Graphical way to preview and select Screens and Scenes.
- The actual "Spacebar Menu" and "Window menu" merged in only one radial menu for each window type.
- Ability to expand/contract a single window without the need of several "join/split" actions.
- Ability to drag a window to other place in the screen in one step.
- Slice the screen, in a simple way with the "slice lines". These lines are easy to grasp since they are at the end of the screen, so there is no need of precision with the mouse, just move it to the left/bottom till reach the limit of the screen and there it is.
- Subdivide windows in the same way but grabbing the slice bars in the middle zone.
- UV/image editor shows images as small thumbnails instead of a drop down menu. This way they can be previewed, they are always present, one click away, and can be dragged in one step.
- List of UVs / IPOs in a dragable stripe instead of a drop down list button. Makes them always visible, and favours Drag&Drop without consuming much space.
- Optional use of tabs. The user decides if wants to use them.
- Optional use also of floating windows which can be docked easily.
- Predefined toolbars types that could have a context sensitive behaviour.
- User defined toolbars.
- Custom bar in radial menus, that let the user create a collection of frequently used functions for each window type. With the ability of creating folders with custom options.
- The timeline window remains although is not mandatory to have it to play the animation, the player always remains in the bar of Level 1.

Blenderstorm Idea #739:

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