With added CGI shots, Improved music and finished colour grading. This is the finished version of 'ESCAPE.pod' the first Jack Shelbourn Film.

This is the first film by 'Jack Shelbourn Films'. Named 'ESCAPE.POD' it is a film about an ordinary man trapped in a situation out of his control, struggling to make sense of the world he now finds himself in.

Directed and filmed by Jack Shelbourn and featuring sound effects and score by Dexter Prior.
Filmed with the Canon 550D.


When NATHAN (Rex Cahill) awakes in confusion inside a recently launched escape pod, he is greeted by an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Lucy Mack) that is as out of place as she is out of character. NATHAN quickly discovers his home, a space station, has been destroyed in an enemy attack. As NATHAN works through what happened and becomes acquainted with life in an escape pod, he begins having strange dreams. Will these dreams bring with them the answers he seeks? And will this AI’s out of place character prove to be friend or foe...?

Critique extract:

The project ‘ESCAPE.pod’ has been completed as the final piece for Jack Shelbourn’s MA in media production.
The project took place over the summer 2010, between the months of June and early September. The initial aims of the project where to continue improving skills in Adobe After Effects, to utilise new skills with Autodesk Maya and to produce a piece of work to a high quality standard, with the final goal of gaining attention within the industry and finding employment.
Driven by the objectives to produce a fictional film that shows how the human conscience copes with being confined for a prolonged period of time when the physical body is unable to move; ‘ESCAPE.pod’ highlights the struggle between mind and body whilst both are put under extreme stress and how the mind decides to cope.
Also for the audience to gain enjoyment from the story and enjoy the special effects work, for example the colourful vistas within the human mind and the futuristic setting inside the escape pod.
Finally to create a piece that advertises key skills as a director, cinematographer, visual effects artist and motion graphics artist.
The project ‘ESCAPE.pod’ is a science fiction film lasting approximately 20 minutes.


Director, Producer, Editor, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, DVD/BD menu, disc authoring, Artwork, Costume department, Set construction:
Jack Shelbourn

Audio Production, Sound recording, Music Composition, ‘Presenter’ V/O:
Dexter Prior

Middle animation ‘Quai Industries’, Assistant for day 1:
George Shelbourn

Script Editor, Producer for day 1:
Jennifer Ravenscroft

Producer, Assistant, Make up, Costume department, ‘Anti-Virus’ V/O:
Rhian Mason

Assistant Director, Shot Logger, Clapper Board:
Stephen Milnes

Set Construction:
Ben Shelbourn

Rex Cahill & Lucy Mack

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