The Battle of Midway Memorial, produced by Ellen Sandor, (art)n and collaborators, recaptures Admiral Nimitz's leadership, Joe Rochefort's innovative military intelligence, and the bravery of the US Navy and Marines who won the pivotal Battle of Midway.

The commissioned Memorial measures 20'x20'x14-1/4 and combines computer generated images with digitized photographs and digitally carved images on aluminum, created by DMAC Architecture1/4s proprietary computer numeric control process. The uniquely carved etchings include quotes and images of LCDR. Thach, Station Hypo, and other Midway heroes. The exterior canopy features a montage of Midway heroes and Midway Island.

The interior is composed of two 13'x5' Virtual Reality murals that illuminate the history of the battle in four parts: Task Force 17/Task Force 16, Midway Defenders, COMINT, and Japanese and American Veterans Today. These rendered scenes include historic images of the Midway Defenders and Imperial Japanese Navy, combined with some of the aircraft and carriers used at Midway: USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, SBD Dauntless, F4F Wildcat, Douglas TBD Devastator, PBY Catalina and others.

The images within the Memorial are PHSColograms(R). A PHSCologram is a process of digitally combining black-and-white and color images with computer generated models and outputting these composites as 3-D image hardcopies.

PHSCologram® is a trademark of (art)n. U.S. Patent numbers 5,113,213, Re. 35,029, and 5,519,794.

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