Conceived and directed by ROJO (Josef Baar & François Roland).

TV Design Package Award at PromaxBDA 2001

TV network 13th Street Universal contacted us in 1999 to create on-air spots celebrating the centennial of Sir Alfred's birth. The bumpers were to be broadcast before a selection of his films that had been programmed over a one-month period around his birthday.

We were confronted with a challenge: how do you evoke the master's cinematic realm in a new, interesting manner... and on a shoestring budget? The network wanted live-action; so going purely graphic was not an option.

Interestingly, our first inspiration came from poster art. Hitchcock's one-sheets were often far more sensationalistic than the films themselves, and a large proportion of them depicted HANDS : grasping, flailing, wielding a weapon or simply reaching out at us. We thought: why not recreate selected scenes from his filmography exclusively via CLOSE-UPS OF HANDS?

The scenes are not necessarily from the list of films in the titles. Some of them are amalgams, but most of them should be recognizable...

Please note that the TITLE EFFECTS were achieved entirely in-camera; no digital here.

What we learned was that milk, when lit from within, is BRIGHT ORANGE. I mean, Orangina orange. No actually: Fanta orange. Please, we don’t suggest you put a light-bulb in milk at home: it could be lethal. Instead, take our word on this. The master probably didn’t have the same problem as us, given that Spellbound was filmed in black and white. We ended up diluting the milk about 10-to-1 to achieve the desired effect.

PROD: 13ème Rue Universal
SOUND DESIGN: Benoît Manuel
ART DEPT: Stéphane Rozenbaum

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