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Giant Orbs in Fields Workflow.
1.SynthEyes: Import and Stabilize
2.SynthEyes: Track Data
3.SynthEyes: 3-D Solve Data
4.SynthEyes: Clean Up Trackers
5.SynthEyes: Insert Giant Sphere
6.SynthEyes: Export Data to Blender
7.Blender: Open Text Editor
8.Blender: Run SynthEyes Data Python Script
9.Blender: Add Lamp: The Sun w/ Ray Shadows
10.Blender: Add Infinite Ground Plane with Z-Transparency for Shadows
11.Blender: Map Texture of Scene for Reflection
12.Blender: Create the orb Material while making it smooth
13.Blender: Export PNG Sequence from Blender
14.Blender: Wait.... 3-d Export takes forever
15.AE: Open up new sequence with Original Footage
16.AE: Overlap PNG Sequence
17.SynthEyes: Export .ma tracking data for AE
18.AE: Import Camera Data from SynthEyes
19.AE: Fix Shadow to be transparent and faded
20.AE: Add optical flare that is tracked in 3d space with camera
21.AE: Motion Tile B-roll footage
22.AE: Add CC Sphere to B-Roll
23.AE: Track onto Orb and rotate to seem 3-D
24.AE: Color Correct
25.AE: Export

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