"Sugar Creek" is from Data Dog's untitled upcoming record.

(bark, bark, beep)

Data Dog is a group based out of Brooklyn/Long Island, NY.
They make pop music.
Sometimes it’s quite sweet.
Other times, not so much.
They used to be two people: Now they’re four.

The band is currently completing work on a new full length record which makes good on the lofty promises their past material only hinted at. Sticky sweet melodies are still bathed in dizzying washes of kaleidoscopic soundscapes, but now their moody amblings seem to be standing together to speak, lulling the listener into the band’s own soft-focus wonderland in which pillow talk and wistful thoughts reign supreme. The candy colored video for the record’s first single, “Sugar Creek,” serves as an apt introduction to record’s diverse landscapes. The label set to release the record has yet to be determined.

Directed/Animated by Katherine Lo.

"Sugar Creek" produced by Data Dog / Mastered by Jeremy Aquilino.

All of our music is available (for free) on our website.


Contact: info@datadogmusic.com

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