update 1-25-09 - I re-uploaded it again. This time it properly encoded. Finally, an HD version for viewing.

update: I re-uploaded a real HD version, but vimeo still displays the old file. Not sure what's going on. The real HD version is available for download if interested. Or go here: youtube.com/watch?v=t_Go4OwH8qg

Sorry this is not a full HD file due to a proxy editing issue with Sony Vegas. The original is much higher quality.

Maybe someone can help. So I've created this project and used the Proxy Stream Script by Giles Pialat. It created lower res files so I can edit more efficiently. All was great until I tried to revert back to the 1080P files. It would simply crash over and over trying to revert back. I even tried a batch rename tool to have Vegas point to the high res files. Still, Vegas crashes every time :(

Any help or suggestions on how to edit these mammoth files would be appreciated.

Find the non-stuttering version here: youtube.com/watch?v=elBNPzRh8YA

music: David Darling "Prayer and Word"

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