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Video for Scream Machine's "Intensity" from the album ZERO.

*Contains content from the Jerry Springer Show. We do not own this content nor claim any credit for it.*


Late night TV, talk shows, television
White bread, inbred, corn-fed, circumcision
Pop star, rock star, too far, proposition
Brand name, play game, feed brain, indecision
Advertise. Mesmerize.

Feed us with the TV, raise us on the news
Beat us if we disagree, beat us if we question you
Spoon it into our brains until we're totally insane
Talking heads climb in our beds, so eager to explain
Hypnotize. Mesmerize.
Advertise. Intensify.

Newsstand, off-brand, big fan, cataclysm
Dark side, free ride, no pride, split decision
Healthcare, clean air, be fair, their provision
Oil spill, refill, global chill, supervision
Advertise. Mesmerize.


Feed us with the TV
Raise us on the news

Cartoons, barstools, born fools, skepticism
Gallup poll, stolen soul, know your role, exorcism
Rat race, misplace, just erase, tunnel vision
Submit, eat shit, just quit, your decision
Advertise. Mesmerize.



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