Massive cue for simpsons so have an hour to kill before next screening, have meal and then wonder around mall know ..let's make a silly film about the crap sales gackphics that will be funcational....BUT we were lawbreakers, peverters of the truth, illicit recording security risks...unknow to us our gleeful spree was being shut down...oh but when can you guess when the fun stops and the lieing begins. stupid subtitles are we breaking the law yes we are...shall I stop shooting shoot from the hip...dumbass

music..:Marvin Gaye T Plays it cool ..yhea

John Barry The persuaders Theme

Filla Brazillia Nature boy

So come come feel the funkified vibe and do some law breakin, get the customer code of conduct form ...and see how many you can flout and best of all subtley get a way with.

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