An attempt to blend anxiety, dasein, the soul and animation.

The Hairless Ape
by Drake Avila.

A modern man peaks,
To find new ways to shard
The open damage of the soul.
Lies, the furies that want
To know your life.

A lives modern age,
Exterior halls of contempt.
A rabble gathers for a last breath
The burning remains of a souls debt.

A modern shadow drained of light
Peaks high in flight
Lost in song of the modern age,
From the early treaties of belated defeats.

Dasein is Dead!
For all that waits,
Lies awake
As the soul…
Lives in debt.

Show me the bloodless beats
As the soul breaks
In the lies of a modern age.

I want to excite the violence,
Dormant in your veins
The pure sin of reliance
Lost in pointless splatters.

The cum in her womb is dying,
Spreading flies to carry out her lies.
Tales of a modern age.

A man peeks over the corner
A former smile of delight.
Gushes of joy, rise and rise in display.
Awake, awake…please awake.

(Dasein is Dead! But the proletariat soul…)

Awaken, living in a modern age.

June 14, 2011

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