This beautiful song has been a personal favorite of mine since the first time I heard it when Debbie, the DJ at SeeQ Radio, asked me to transcribe the lyrics for her. (She’s sneaky like that – she knew I’d love it and be hooked on Peter.) When I started creating videos I put Holy Now on top of my ‘must do list’ because I was anxious to ‘see’ it.

I began this project confidently and certain that it would be ‘easy.’ After all, I knew the lyrics well and love Peter’s voice (a must if you’re going to listen to anything a billion times in 3 second bits). His music is phenomenal, he makes his guitar sing and his message – EVERYTHING IS HOLY - is stunningly simple. I was certain I could whip out the video in two days -- max.

That was more than a month ago and I’ve worked on it every day for many, many hours since. I'm still not completely satisfied that it's done. The lyrics are deceptively simple and the concepts are logical and clear but the depth of Peter's message made it almost impossible to find pictures that were worth a 1,000 words - each. It was a little like trying to define "be" and "love" as either a verb or a noun. Some things are definitions in and of itself.

I’ve finally released it because I fear losing what little is left of my mind in my quest to make the video worthy of the masterpiece it frames. I found and/or created more pictures for this one video than all of the others I've produced combined.

I hope you find it valuable and I pray I don't discover tomorrow that I released it before it was as good as I could make it. For those of you who happen upon this song for the first time I will imagine your pleasure and remember all over again the joy and excitement of hearing this song and discovering Peter's talent for the very first time - I still stand amazed.

This video is a small token of my appreciation for Peter Mayer's music. He is one of the most promising young artists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. This song gently reminded me with clarity and childlike candor that we are all cherished creations still living in a miraculous paradise created for us by a loving creator.

Thank you Peter for sharing this part of your heart and I look forward to every song you write. So far I love everything you've done but Holy Now, since it was my first taste of your talent, will be hard to replace in my heart.



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