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T.P.F.C collection is specifically tailored to the consumers needs. There are 3 elements that T.P.F.C. takes pride in comfort, functionality and bespoke.
Each garment is carefully tailored, observing carefully on specific area where tension starts to build. Lycra panels have been introduced to replace panels on area that cause discomfort and pull. However with stretch panels added careful measurement is needed to gain the right amount of stretch within each panel.
Individual garments have perforated holes, which are all carefully placed and considered to help the players keep a constant body temperature.

Terry towelling adds to the comfort to reduce down the amount of sweat that builds up when playing football, panels are placed at convenient areas where sweat most likely occur.

Tailored Performance Football Club, a range that is specifically tailored for football.
During the day the suit can be worn at work keeping with the old tradition of tailoring. At night the suit can be used to play football like any other football kits on the market but even better.

Directed & edited By:
Keith Cheung

Additional Camera Work:
Alistair Smith

Head Cam:
Vincent Ho, Matthew Charlton

Football Players:
Ricky Abrams, Alvin Leung, Sean Mulvenna, Sean Ho, Matthew Charlton, Vincent Ho

Robert Weston

Camera Used:
Canon 5D Mk2
Canon 7D
Head Cam


Suite Bergamasque - Clair De Lune by Debussy

Mustang Nismo -Brian Tyler Feat. Slash

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