Mallards are probably the most familiar duck to most, and well-adapted to living around human activity. Many semi-domesticated Mallards have learned to live on handouts around city parks and ponds. The Mallard is the ancestor of many domestic ducks. A male is shown in the photo to the right. Additional photos (including females) can be found at the bottom of the page.

Habitat: Marshes, woody swamps, lakes, ponds, rivers, city parks. Occurs on nearly any kind of freshwater habitat.
Diet: Primarily plant material, such as grasses, pond weeds, grasses, sedges, seeds, grain, and roots. Also will eat insects, small fish, earthworms, frogs, tadpoles, and snails.
Behavior: Primarily forages by dabbling on the water's surface...upending and submerging its head and neck. They will rarely dive for food. They also will forage by walking on land.

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