By meeting the ISO 14001 standard, SALTO Systems is able to demonstrate its commitment to achieving both legal and regulatory compliance whilst presenting itself as a forward thinking, environmentally aware business.

ISO 14001, which is an internationally accepted standard, exists to address the balance between maintaining profitability whilst reducing environmental impact.

Javier Roquero, Managing Director of SALTO Systems, says the workforce has worked hard to achieve this environmental accreditation. "From the day SALTO Systems commenced the program, all of our staff have been eagerly involved."

"The realisation of making a difference to the environment was enough of a goal to drive the challenge along. Now, after only 12 months, we can proudly say that we are ISO 14001 certified, which is fantastic achievement by everyone involved," he added.

Marc Handels, Vice President Marketing and Sales of SALTO Systems, commented: “Gaining ISO 14001 accreditation by following strict assessment procedures, demonstrates our commitment and dedication to lowering SALTO System’s impact on the environment. In turn, this accreditation provides our customers with the confidence and assurance that SALTO Systems is an environmentally conscious business.”

“The achievement makes SALTO Systems one of the few companies in our market to have achieved both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications within such a short time” he concludes.

With the successful award of ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance; the company aims to further strengthen its standards of sustainability. By integrating improved environmental and ecological processes into its existing management system, internal processes and organisation will be enhanced and optimised accordingly.

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