A top 10 winner of Fly By Night 2010. My 5th win so far.
Theme "History". Contains some clips of previously shot footage and the rest are entirely shot using an iPhone4 with makeshift rigs using camera tripods. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This pseudo-trailer was created as a historical landmark for my previous works and my own personal experiences in life. Some are fictitiously portrayed here and while others are a haunting reminder but closure of my more hurtful past.

Nevertheless I had created this video as a means to explore other forms of video creations such as stop-motion and also a video trailer form of edit.

I must thank my good friend Ivan Tan for helping out and going on this journey with me. Such great sport, thanks!

PS: Perhaps this trailer might be a peek into the future of what I can produce as a short film. Stay tuned!

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