Filmed at the IFT (Institute of Food Technology) 2011 conference, Taylor and Francis Editor David P. Green talks about the gulf oil spill, food safety and low sodium.

The Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology publishes research papers, short communications, and review articles concerning the application of science and technology to all aspects of research, development, production, and distribution of food products originating from the marine and freshwater bodies of the world. The journal features articles on various aspects of basic and applied science in topics related to:
• harvesting and handling practices
• processing with traditional and new technologies
• refrigeration and storage
• packaging and storage
• distribution
• safety and traceability
• byproduct utilization

The journal also covers basic studies of aquatic products as related to food chemistry, microbiology, and engineering; all flora and fauna from aquatic environs, including seaweeds and underutilized species used directly for human consumption or alternative uses such as animal feed and nonfood applications. Special features in the journal include guest editorials by specialists in their fields and book reviews covering a wide range of topics.

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