In this Bristly Documentary audiences will go beyond the bristles and learn what its like the carry this "bush" upon your "mush" ; The almost instinctual change you feel as not only your facial hair grows, but as you grow with your facial hair. Learn how connected you feel with others who share but one common bond of bristles.

Learn how we are instinctively drawn to certain types of people and how different the opposite sex treats you along your transformation.

Learn of the stigma we carry when we remember a time that when it was a PRIVILEGE for a man to dawn certain facial hair styles like a Moustache.

We will learn about the instant rush of self-loathing emotions that run through your body with every follicle you slice and as the blade drops from your grip, the regret and dismay builds as you stare in the mirror at this new baron wasteland that sits upon your face. But with each new day, you feel a little bit better as the bristles come back... and they do... They always return, for some quicker than others, and is with that said that it matters not how slow you grow, just as long as you never stop.

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