Final Presentation of sound workshop and project New Maps of Time
Hosted by: Apartment Project

Sound workshop/residency by: John Grzinich

Final Presentation: March 6, Saturday 2010 / 17.00
Apartment Project / Seh bender sok. No:4/1 Tunel-Istanbul

New Maps of Time

A workshop about sound and a project about mapping spaces (architectural
and natural) using sound as a means to understand our presence within these

Workshop and Project Period: Feb 12 – March 5


Exploring subjectivity and territory through sound, bridging acoustic
processes with digital communication...

The project process works with the basic understanding that artistic
creativity can be a ritual by which we live out and share the subjectivity
of our own experiences. This inherent subjectivity must be understood not
only as an intellectual notion but through means of participatory activity
on different levels of personal, collaborative (between artists) and
contextual actions (interventions in a space).

Sound, as perceived by one of our primary senses hearing, is one of the
best ways in which to explore the subjectivity of personal and collective
experience and to test our own creative abilities. By using sound, we
develop means to map both space and social relations with our own cognitive

Presenting collaborative sound and video works by:

John Grzinich
Muharrem Yildirim
Onur Gungor
Idil Tunga
Natali Arslan
Nurgul Ozturk
Cansu Tolunay
Fulya Ucanok

Thanks to all the workshop participants who were able to join full/part

Muharrem Yildirim
Onur Gungor
Idil Tunga
Natali Arslan
Nurgul Ozturk
Cansu Tolunay
Fulya Ucanok
Basak Gunak
Eda Gecikmez
Tuna Pase
Burak Baysun
Cem Tan

Thanks for Organizational Assistance: Enise Gokbayrak, Nurgul Ozturk
Thanks for General Support: Apartment Project, X-OP, Selda Asal, Serra
Ozhan, Gokce Suvari, Udo Noll

The final sound recordings could also be accessed through the internet,
Radio Aporee Maps, an online sound mapping project:

This project has been realized under the X-OP project.
The X-OP project is multi-annual project, from 2008 to 2011, and is
supported by European Commission – Program Culture.

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