Verónica Villafañe, Editor and Publisher,Media Moves.
Monica Lozano, Chief Executive Officer, Impremedia.
Isaac Lee, President of News, Univisión.
Ramón Escobar, Executive Vice President, Network News,
Eduardo Zavala, President, ZGS Group.

Contrary to predictions that Spanish-language news would become irrelevant with the assimilation of Latinos in the U.S., it has continued to thrive. With almost 40% of the more than 50 million Hispanics counted in the 2010 Censusbeing foreign-born, Spanish- language media has expanded its reach and popularity.
Ratings often place Spanish- language news in the #1 spot regardless of any language in the entire country, while local and network news in English at times struggle to retain their audiences. Univision plans to launch a 24/7 news network in 2012. Comcast has promised to increase the amount of local news on Telemundo stations, while other U.S. networks are scrambling to produce programming in Spanish.

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