As an editor, you may not always think through the myriad of choices you have with regard to things like frame size, pixel aspect ratio, luma, chroma, alpha channels and field ordering each time you import an image into Avid Media Composer. But if you've ever been left with an imported image that doesn't look the way it did before you imported it, you may be interested to learn more.

To get a step-by-step glimpse at how image size and pixel aspect ratio can affect the integrity of your image, check out this video tutorial.

This Avid Media Composer video tutorial will help you:

• Understand the resolutions and pixel aspect ratios of SD and HD media
• Understand the relationship between Photoshop pixel aspect ratios and Avid Media Composer pixel aspect ratios
• Successfully resize graphics in Ph0toshop to compensate for the difference in pixel aspect ratios between the two softwares
• Import correctly sized graphics from Photoshop
• Change the pixel aspect ratio of graphics in Photoshop before importing the images into Avid Media Composer

A summary of the specific formats and pixel aspect ratios, which were covered in this video tutorial:

By default, Photoshop creates its graphics using square pixels. Avid Media Composer uses square pixels in its HD projects, but it uses non-square pixels in its SD projects.


For HD projects, simply create the exact size of graphic for import as the video resolution. For example, create a 1920x1080 graphic to be imported into a 1080i or 1080p project.

For SD projects, y0u need to compensate for size or pixel aspect ratio before importing into Avid Media Composer.

• Create a graphics sized 648x486 (square pixel) to be imported into a 4x3 SD project sized 720x486 (non-square pixel)
• Create a graphic sized 864x486 (square pixel) to be imported into a 16x9 SD project
• Or, change the pixel aspect ratio to non-square pixels (D1/DV NTSC 0.91) in Photoshop before importing the image into Avid Media Composer

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