Nightsound's "Hold my Hands" revisits the heart of a child -- filled with innocent questions and wonder -- through timeless photographs of children from throughout Asia. It is a lyrical journey that reminds one of a time where love was simply the hope of making the special someone happy.

Performed by Nightsound. Photography by Aaron Lim.

On 17th Dec 08, i finally got the opportunity to attend Neil's 2nd concert, "Fields of Lavender" held at the Esplanade Recital Studio. I must say I really admire his determination and fiery passion to continue on this road less traveled.

While Hold my hands was being performed live, i didn't expected this music video to be played, which was produced for him for the previous concert last year. Looking at it on big screen was like wow, where on earth have I actually traveled during the past few years. It almost seems as if I was reviewing my journey. And indeed it was a journey where I met many smiles, many innocent hearts just being themselves and enjoying that every precious gift of life.

All these are collections of children photos taken around asia during my travels between 2004-2007, and the video was edited in 2007 when Neil approached me that he wanted my pictures to be part of a music video slideshow for his song. I wasnt really sure that time if the photos will actually work, but after some careful selection and timings of the shots, they seem to blend well with the whole song and lyrics, and thus this is what u see now.

This video has already been uploaded and seen by some on youtube. Thought i will just upload a HD version and you'll be able to see the photos in a better resolution and appreciate them even more.

Do enjoy my humble collection and this lovely song performed by NightSound. ^_^

** Circus in Motion CD by Nightsound is available for sale in HMV ^_^ **

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