Exclusively shooting in the Barbican's conservatory, LuckyPDF invited eight artists (Natalie Dray, Ed Fornieles, Callum Hill, Philip Li, Eddie Peake, Dominik Salter-Dvorak, Daniel Swan and Amalia Ulman) to respond to the possibilities and constraints of the space and the timescale of the four hour public event.

Produced by LuckyPDF with Natalie Dray, Ed Fornieles, Callum Hill, Philip Li, Eddie Peake, Dominik Salter-Dvorak, Daniel Swan and Amalia Ulman with the support of the Barbican Art Gallery.

With thanks to Lauren Wetmore, Emma Ridgway at Barbican and extra special thanks to Rosie Cooper without whom the project would not have happened.

Camera crews: Alex Grigoras, Giorgio Bosisio, Ted Williams, Yuri Pattison, Louis Eastwood, Ollie Hogan, Chris Abitbol, John Hill, James Early

Production: Daisy Hogan, Ben Vickers

Lighting assistants: Robert Prouse, Roland Ross, Safiyya Lea

Additional video and stills: Bradley Zero, Jennifer Byrne, Florence Early, John DeLima, Tom Hall, Joseph Popper,

Art department: Philip Von Frankeberg, Daniel Munro, Tristram Bellotti

Make up and costume: Hannah R Hopkins, Grace Nicholas, Francesca Salter-Dvorak, Attilia Fattori Franchini,
Audrey Bourke, Georgina Mascallo, Ella Mcartney, Katie Surridge

Live edit: Takeshi Shiomitsu, Suren Seneviratne, Lucy Stokton

Runners: Rozsa Farkas, Laura Farley

Performers for Ed Fornieles: Rebecca Morgan, Eva Rosenthal, Oliver Brown,Chris Oshea, Jill Raymond, Francelise, Chris Eastwood, Mia Macie, Richard, Nick Bosanko, Margarita Nazerenko, Tanya Jewth, Maria Speight, Beth Appleton, Eva Jill, Kyle Segron

Performers for Callum Hill: Lucien Parfitt, Romeck Griffins, Laura Frazer, Kelly Jesserman, Mercedes Simpson, Cressida Brotherstone

Performers for Philip Li: Dimitri Launder, Ben Hall, Assisted
Make-up for Philip Li: Audrey Bourke
Assistants of Philip Li: Kerry Walker, Ryan Mulcock

Violinist for Eddie Peake: Christine Cornwell
Performers for Eddie Peake: Stephen Forge, Nicholas Hatfull, Marie Von Heyl

Performer for Daniel Swan: Robert Prouse

Performers with Dominik Salter-Dvorak: Harry Sanderson, Riyo Nemeth, Daniella Russo, Benjamin Keating, Anna Gloria Flores, Nadir Tejani, Tatiana Leshkina, designed by YBT, music by Felicita

Performer with Amalia Ulman: Felix Lee

Lighting assistant to Natalie Dray: Alex Ressel

and many many more

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