This movie presents some work on a HUD for displaying some real-time information to the impromptu programmer. The HUD "floats" over the standard text editing environment providing some graphical UI feedback about the state of the running system.

In this particular example the primary UI features are little graphical clocks which display the waiting time for the next invocation of a temporal recursion.

Another feature of the demo is some heuristic debugging which *fixes* source code in place in response to runtime errors without breaking into a debug loop or other error recovery mode. In this example, I apply a bad symbol to the code - Impromptu catches the runtime error and automatically substitutes the numeral 0 (silence) for the bad symbol in both the code and in the runtime system.

This work was presented in "Programming With Time: Cyber-physical programming with Impromptu" at the Onward! conference 2010.

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