"Silent Heart" is the inspiring story of two characters: Valerie and Douglas. Valerie is a hearing impaired dancer who wants to share her gift with the world but has never been given the opportunity to. Douglas, on the other hand, is a technically talented violinist who lacks motivation and emotion for his art form; he has simply been going through the necessary steps to pass through college. With the crescendo of their college careers steadily approaching, Valerie and Douglas are brought together in an unlikely pairing to perform the art that they believe in.

Silent Heart was the last film I made while enrolled in college and also one of the first films I both wrote and directed. This film is especially important to me because of the two kinds of artists the characters represent. On one end we have a naturally talented artist who takes what he has for granted and isn't motivated. On the other hand we have a talented and driven artist who isn't given the chance to use her abilities as a result of circumstances out of her hands. I hope that through watching this film people can be inspired to use their abilities and never stop believing.

This film was successfully funded through our efforts on Kickstarter.com


Winner: Best Fiction Student Film - Monaco Charity Film Festival
Winner "Film for Dance Lovers" - Official Best of Fest Awards
Winner: Student Film - The MY HERO Film Festival
Official Selection - Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Official Selection - UCSB Reel Loud Film Festival

2012 Ryan Turner Productions

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