Kester Brewin, author of "Other: Loving Self, God, and Neighbor in a World of Fractures," reads his poem "Perhaps I Prefer The Inefficiencies of This Universe To The Cold Efficiency of Your Myriad Others" during his session in the geodesic dome venue at Wild Goose Festival 2011 (WGF11)

NOTE: Audio is kind of quiet so you might need headphones in to hear it.

Here's the text of the poem:

Perhaps I Prefer The Inefficiencies of This Universe
To The Cold Efficiency of Your Myriad Others


Two clocks moving apart

At light speed never separate

And, in time, are forever together.

Yes, Albert,

As soon as you Equalled the product of m and c-squared,

You locked us in:

No information shall travel faster than light,

Yes, our infinity, given a limit:

46.5 billion light years

To the edge

Of us.

But you are there, and I here,

And strangely, from each centre elsewhere,

A new spacetime arcs out,

Socking the eye with an infinite number of

Observable universes.

And thus, inevitably, an infinite number of you.

Some mother said I was unique, but now

A father's physics wants me to believe in

Another me,

Beginning 10 to the 10

to the 29 metres far away.

Too far, and yet too close,

For my comfort.

Quantum physicist,

Hugh Everett III, what have you done?

"The existence of other universes

is inevitable"

Said your Many Worlds Interpretation,

Which denied too the objective reality

Of wavefunction collapse.

And I'm like, WTF?

You go on:

"Between 0 and 1:

A single random number

With all its infinite decimals,

Is expressed, computationally,



The computational expression

Of the whole set of numbers

That exist there."


Apparently this:

A universe of infinite parallels

May be more economic

Than a straight, linear,




Somewhere you and I are together,

Though, in this universe, we are apart,

And somewhere else there are more in betweens

Than we could ever fathom.

And that may be more efficient

Than this.

And now my gourd is swirling,


What is love, and life and us,

Other than to trust in this membrane-thin world,

And chose to forego

In the infinite possibility

Of the efficient multiverse,

And dig long

And deep

For life,

And love,

In this


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