Exercise 1- Roses on Table
Goal- proper exposure and color balance
Take 1 results- slight under exposure, color balance correct but coloration is "flat" or "dull"
Take 12 results- proper exposure in highlights and shadows, rich, full color. Maybe slightly warmer than "true" color but aesthetically complimentary to image colors.
Factors for change- first, flowers were moved to provide more side-lighting. Exposure was changed using on-camera LCD image as a reference until shadow area retained detail. Color balance was "dialed in" manually to my personal taste, again using on-camera LCD. On-line research and many tutorials suggested using manual color balance settings to dial-in color to taste and this experimentation proved that to be a valid option.
Exercise 2- Man working at desk (change to fluorescent lighting)
Goal- proper exposure and color balance
Take 1 results- slight to moderate under exposure, color balance correct but "flat"
Take 5 results- very slight under exposure in shadow areas but good exposure in skin tone. (No change made in color balance).
Factors for change- a change in ISO was made to bring out more detail in the shadow areas without making the whites too "hot", retaining detail on the paper. (Shutter speed must be maintained to hold shutter angle/motion effect and f-stop was at lens maximum for that zoom setting). Although the colors are "correct", in the future rather than use the fluorescent preset I would use manual color balance, starting out at a "known normal" for that light source and dial it in from there to taste. My research has found that many HDSLR film makers choose to shoot using a very flat color profile, planning to bring out color later in post. However, many news/journalism HDSLR users use color profiles for optimum colors and levels right from the camera files, knowing they have little time for color grading and effects in editing (post). This seems to be a matter of the end destination of your final product. (Run & Gun broadcast news piece or feature film shown on a 60' screen).

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