I'm kinda rusty at montages, used to make a couple for Cod4 but forgot some editing techniques, and well im just swag at editing. So yeah not a big montage, just a few kills here and there, i try to retain some minor streaks but i end up having to cut some bits out due to the time constraits.
I got asked to do a shogun vid so here, and since everyone and their fucking dog is making a montage here's mine :3
Also to note it was great to finally vs some experienced people this time, not the average bronze fodder, some actual golds and high level silvers and well known clans to play against.

Song: Iron - Woodkid

Oh if anyone wants my kawaii eyes they're on Patriot marketplace for 12.5k in assorted colours :3

Oh and to record this i used DxTory with the Xfire video codec, one of the best recorders i've used to be honest.

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