Shot on 16mm in Chattanooga.

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Watch Fancy Rhino at

Executive Producer | Joe Kaufmann
Director | Drew Belz
Producers | Phillip Johnston | Isaiah Smallman
Director of Photography | Colton Davie
AC | Tim Cofield
Script Super | Kate Harrison


Charles Clay - The Joker
Jonathan Horne - The Ace
Leylen Reinoso - The Queen of Hearts
Louis Wall {JT} - The King of Hearts
Joe Deboer {JT} - Jawdropper
Nate Drexler {JT} - Barkeep
Michael Kendall {JT} - Pianoman

The Table:

Brooke Fontana
Breon Thomas
Nikki Ellis
Amy Sue Austin
Eamon Hosey


Bijan Dhinani
James Harrison
Helen Harrison
Laura Bowen
Emma Brunjak
Esmé Oehmig
John Oehmig
Lowen Howard
Rachael Howard
Casey Yoshida
Rachel Adams
Ana Cox
Caitlin Rice
Mary Higgins
Travis Knight
Carl Cadwell
Beejay Bilbrey


Tommy Wooldridge | 2nd AC
Bryce Mcguire | Grip
Bryan Boling | Effects & Grip
Adam Lutz | Effects
Glenn Stegall | Consulting

Geneva Stegall | Props
Julie Drexler | Props!
Naomi Belz | Props!!
Meghan Katzenberger | Props!!!

Jill Clark | Makeup & Hair
Laurren Welch | Wardrobe
Sondra & Travis Aten | Wardrobe
Eamon Hosey | Wardrobe

John Somerville | Photo
Michael Mahaffey | Design

Scott Arrick | PA
Laura Thatcher | PA
Emmett Gienapp | PA

many thanks:

to our Kickstarter fans, who broke some kinda record,
Greg Cunningham and Coker Tire, for a fabulous gangster ride,
Charles Clay, for staying late,
Sara Drexler, for the best BBQ this side of the M-SS-SS-PP,
girls we love, for fantastic fixins,
the old Discoteca, an artistic artifact,
Chatt Smokehouse, Collective Clothing, CCS Drama Department,
& the one and only Eamon Hosey.

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