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video by Matias Monteagudo
Aka's: Spyro, Montéz, Tony Alpha

Graduate as "Bachelor in Music under composition area" at the IUDEM, Caracas. Spyro has worked in areas such as movies, short films, TV spots, documentaries, theater, art exhibitions, plain gigs and fashion shows

His recent works includes the soundtrack and sound design for "Plan B" (a local action movie) Also 2D Animation and music/effects for the "Prolapio" series of humour shortfilms, and around 200 TV spots for clients including Toyota, Ford, Schick, Coca-Cola, SubWay, Kraft, Movistar, Bayer, Glade, Pfizer, Energizer and Kosiuko.

In 2005 after his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy on Seattle, Spyro is very proud to release a 5 Songs EP called "Biodegradable" with the label Yoruba Records, owned by his fellow friend, great musician and master DJ, Mr. Osunlade

Spyro also spend a lot of time making VST plug-ins for his brand called KlangLabs, his most known plug-ins are "Vokko" a stereo vocoder, "StompBud" a virtual "body sounds" sample player, and "BackMan" a realtime in-sync backwards audio processor.

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