Terre Neuve is a small town high in the mountains near Gonaives. Its a grinding three hour drive by 4x4 to get there. Thats if you're lucky.
Haitians go back and forth over the treacherous terrain on the back of fast moving motorcycles or crowded rural tap taps.
The poorest of the poor walk alongside their donkeys going to and from markets that may be 15 or 20 hours away on foot.
Its from there, where enormous numbers of people regularly mingle in cose and unhygienic conditions that diseases like cholera can spread.
This may explain why cholera struck remote mountain villages where people have little access to medical facilities.
When disaster strikes, these resourceful people take matters into their won hands. First a neighbor will blow the lambi or conch shell to sound the alarm, as has happened in Haiti across the millennia.
Then if someone has fallen ill, people will literally take the door off its hinges and carry their sick neighbor down a mountain track that may be 8 kilometers long, before reaching a town like Terre Neuve.
Then comes another four hour drives to the nearest cholera clinic, across a rutted, back breaking road.

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