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Vasho Pekar DemoReel - Shot Breakdows

1. Turtles.
software: Nuke
description: multi pass .EXR comp of turtles, adding shadows. final CC.

2. Golf Balls.
software: Nuke, Photoshop
description: 2d animation + lighting of multiple balls falling slow mo from sky. final ColorCorection applied at the end of the shot. Also added clouds in the sky.

4.Giant Red Ornament rolling down the streets.
software: Nuke
description: multi pass .EXR comp of passes for the ornament.Roto of person running. Ground shadow and reflection added.

5. Floating Cars
software: Nuke, Photoshop
description: multi pass .EXR comp of various rows of cars levitating.
2d photo integration of foreground cars. Dust elements. Cleanup of the street to create clean plate. Mirror reflection of driver.

6.Floating Banks
software: Nuke
description: multi pass .EXR comp of 3D Bank renders,ColorCorrection, lensflares added. 2d sky added. Paint out rig crane holding actor falling into water+ move water splash for better framing.

7. "V" - Virtual Set with people.
software: Nuke
description: Greenscreen removal, and multi pass .EXR comp of Virtual set renders, Tracked TV screen in Nuke using 3D tracker, applied Textures. Depth Pass for BGs and depth of field. Color correction on plates and BG.

8. Exploding Rockets in Space
software: Nuke
description: multi pass .EXR comp of rockets, Added 2d exploding elements. Also added lensflare as the rockets whip by the camera. 3d/2d setup of a stars dome in Nuke.

9. Robot “Tiny” attacking people ( night shots ).
software: Nuke
description: multi pass .EXR comp of robot,Rotoscoping actors for mattes. Added ground shadows. Added police light reflections to EXR passes of the robot. Added burnign lazer and sparks reflecting on the floor.

10. Space Suits.
software: Nuke
description: Bluescreen removal and cleanup. Added lights on top and interactive 3d renders of elements. Camera shake.

11. Person on fire in front of truck.
software: Nuke
description: numerous 2d fire elements added to have the car and actor light on fire. Tracking, stabilization, Heat distortion, ColorCorrection and reflection in car added

12. Fighter Jet
software: Nuke
description: Full 3D rendered shot. EXR multi pass for the plane. Added heat distort and final color correction on the overall shot.

13.Green Gel Cube.
software: Nuke
description: EXR renders of gelatin cube comped together. Added reflections on walls. Roto for actor.

14. Worms and larvas.
software: Nuke
description: EXR comp of passes for each creature. Added interactive elements - gel, ground distortion, Camera shake.

15. Red Dinosaur creature
software: Nuke
description: multi pass EXR comp of passes integrated into each shot.

16. Green creature in forest, Wasp creature.
software: Nuke
description: EXR comp of passes for each creature. Added interactive elements - spittle, dust, flies, ground distortion, Camera shake.

17. Actres with a gun on roof.
software: Nuke
description: BG greenscreen removal. Hair green spill removal. Color correction to match rendered BG and daylight.Tracking of rendered BGs.

18. Bridge Falling + Actors on bridge
software: Nuke
description: EXR comp of passes for tumbling bridge. Painted out the original bridge. Animated leafs movement. Added 2d elements of dust and Camera shake.
Greenscreen removal from behind actors. Added 3d render of debris with dust layer.Shot stabilization.

19. Blood on dead faces.
software: Nuke, Photoshop,Practical elements
description: blood enhancement on dead faces. Painted in and tracked scratches on face as well as running blood.

20. Eyes in GumBalls
software: Nuke
description: Cleanup of reflections in the glass. Added a render of eyes moving as gumballs. Added reflection afterwards.

21. Night shot Parking lot
software: Nuke
description: Added 5 more cars to the street. EXR multipass comp. Added ground shadows and wet reflections. Roto for actors and bush.

22. Train yard in China
software: Nuke
description: Crowd and train multiplication.Lots of Roto of people.

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