This is my first animation demo reel, and is part of the work I made for "Aventuras en Mictlán 3D". I worked with FILM SFX ( and this short was made totally in stereoscopy for a Sony challenge. We acomplished the whole video in just 72 hrs. of effective work. The complete video can be found on You Tube:

Mictlán was the lower level o the Underworld of the Mexicas (also known as Aztecs), the ones who arrived here had to make a journey through 8 different places, with help of a guardian dog called "Xólotl", and the end of the journey finished at the 9th level where they could rest forever in peace. This place was rule by a King and a Queen, the god Mictlantecuhtli and the godess Mictecacíhuatl.

Vaderoz over and out!!!

Character rigg/skin: Miguel Salinas
Character Modeling: Jordi Toriz Jansen
Precious stone and Quetzalcoatl head: Vaderoz

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