There's been a time where i wanted to be all alone. That's what my friends did, they live me alone but for many time ?

I was not the one who was deciding, and my loneliness was absolutely there. I was all alone with my bottles of beer. My life was drowning.

But i had just something who give me hope, that was this chapel of an abandoned abbey who was at 20 minutes of walk from where i lived.

I've been there 7 days a week, every night, and there were nothing who could stop me getting there, cold time, tempest, snow, rain, wind, anything, i was there.

For one month i took this same old walk, and sitting on the front of this chapel, i was asking god, the universe, a superior power, angel, anything from this spiritual side who reside in me was good enough to ear my tears, and my hope of getting out of this hell.

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